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The Heritage Flag Company originated from a dream. In the summer of 2014, Heath Trigg of Southern Pine Woodworking was hired to construct a taproom by the founders of a local brewery. After learning that the brewery would be aging beer in barrels, Heath decided to build the tasting bar out of bourbon barrels to complement this process. As the project came to an end, Heath had a dream about crafting a matching bourbon barrel American flag as a surprise thank you gift for the Veteran owners. The first Heritage Flag was secretly placed on the wall at the brewery and revealed at their grand opening, sparking the amazing journey that would form The Heritage Flag Company.

The community responded to the flag emotionally, recognizing the quality craftsmanship, uniqueness and symbolism that made the flag so special. As the requests started to flood in, so did the incredible stories of what the American flag meant to each person—some heartbreaking, but all inspirational. The Heritage Flag exemplified the American dream.

Today, The Heritage Flag Company delivers handcrafted, made-to-order, whiskey barrel flags throughout the country. As The Heritage Flag originated as a Veteran “thank you” gift, they remain committed to supporting the individuals that inspire, sacrifice and protect others in our communities and around the world.


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A custom home builder in the Pinehurst, N.C. area, Heath decided to start his own custom cabinetry business Southern Pine Woodworking in 2012. He assembled a talented crew of professionals who quickly became known for their outstanding work. After a group of former soldiers asked him to build a bar for their new brewery, he gave them a flag made out of bourbon barrel staves as a gift at their grand opening. He didn’t know it at the time, but that was the start of The Heritage Flag Company.


Bill has been with the shop since we opened in 2012 and is a craftsman who truly loves every aspect of his work. After spending 15 years as a General Manager in the hotel industry, Bills strong suit is managing all of the bits and pieces that make the puzzle. Bill has no problem working 29.5 hour days if thats what it takes to get the job done.


Nothing makes Ben happier than leading a team that makes unique pieces and seeing them through to the end. If it takes him five times to get it right, he does it six to make sure it's perfect. Before coming to the shop in 2012, he owned his own custom cabinet installation company.


Justin has a distinctive eye for detail. He has a natural ability to pick up and master new tasks. He is a great additional to our team who truly has a passion for his work.


As our newest member of the team, Michael is quickly picking up the skills necessary to produce quality hand made products. Attention to detail and finding a way to win are skills Michael used for 11 years caddying on the LPGA Tour and have helped him fit right in down in the shop.


Attention to detail is Zev’s gift. He has been with the company since it started and came to work with the team just out of high school. You can usually find him hovering over another craftsman’s shoulder waiting for his turn with whatever we're building.