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The Homegrown Series

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Every Heritage Flag we craft has to have a story. A story of something special, original and meaningful- truly unique and one-of-a-kind. “Our products will never be made from materials that can be bought off the shelf,” says owner Heath Trigg. We’re proud to introduce The Homegrown Series of Heritage Flags, which continues our tradition of telling stories through our craftsmanship.

Our first flags in The Homegrown Series, The Pinehurst Homegrown Heritage Flags, start with the deeply rooted pine trees from the Sandhills of North Carolina- specifically from the 18 holes of the Pinehurst Number 2 Championship golf course. But, this is only half of the story. The plot is thickened with the story of a Moore County family deeply rooted in the sawmill and woodworking industry- one with a heritage of hard work and entrepreneurial spirit.

Owner Heath Trigg’s grandfather, Winford Williams, owned timber and sawmill businesses in the Sandhills his entire life. “My grandfather was one of eleven all born and raised in the Sandhills. He and all seven of his brothers purchased land and milled timber. This is something that’s in my blood. It’s crazy that one way or another, my family has been working with Pinehurst for years.”

In the fall of 2016, Hurricane Matthew caused sizable damage to the Sandhills and surrounding areas. As a result of the storm, Pinehurst Resort contacted Heath to remove fallen trees from around the Pinehurst golf courses taken by the storm.

“I have driven by those exact trees since I was born,” says Trigg. There was no way he was going to let that beautiful wood with such an incredible story, history and heritage go to waste. “I knew we needed to turn them into something special so I came up with a plan.”

Heath and his team cut, loaded and delivered the trees from the famous Pinehurst golf course to the company’s sawmill nearby. “Man, it was a lot of work!” says Trigg. “We milled somewhere around 140 old-growth Southern Yellow Pine trees from Pinehurst. It was some of the most beautiful lumber my grandfather or I had ever seen”.

Soon after, the first edition of The Homegrown Series of Heritage Flags was born; The Pinehurst Homegrown Heritage Flags! “It’s kind of like the first Heritage Flag that was given as a gift to three Veterans in October of 2014; just something that was meant to be.”

The Pinehurst Homegrown Heritage Flags offer a tangible memento from the Pinehurst Number 2 course to visiting golfers, or anyone who has an affinity for finely crafted American goods. It also, like all Heritage Flags, represents what it is to be truly American-made!

Every step of the process here at The Heritage Flag Company® is organic- from the raw materials that are hand-milled by our crew, to the one-of-a-kind, hand-made products we craft. “But it doesn’t stop there,” says Trigg. “Not only do we craft the finest American flags, we follow it up with unparalleled customer service! It’s special for a company to be able to say that and it’s something we are extremely proud of. In our opinion, this is the definition of the American Dream!”

The Pinehurst Homegrown Series of Heritage Flags have a lifetime warranty and are available in two sizes- The Longleaf measuring 49.5”x26” and the Shortleaf, measuring 24.5”x13”.

“I think my grandfather would be proud of the finished product!” says Trigg holding back his emotions. “He passed away this past February before we had the first of The Homegrown Flags complete.” One look at any of the products finely crafted by The Heritage Flag Company® and you can almost feel the sense of pride and passion that goes into these works of art!

One thing is for certain, if you’re looking for something one-of-a-kind that will leave a lasting impression and embodies the American spirit, look no further than a Heritage Flag! “A Heritage Flag will always be something more than just something hanging on the wall!” says Trigg. “And that’s something no one will ever be able to duplicate!”