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What is Heritage Craftsmanship?

Posted by The Heritage Flag on

Almost everyday customers ask us about the secret to creating a perfectly imperfect Heritage Flag. Steeped in tradition and careful craftsmanship, the process of creating a Heritage Flag takes time. The journey begins years before our craftsmen dismantle the first barrel in our Southern Pines, NC workshop.  

Bourbon, whiskey, and wine are aged for upwards of 10 years in white oak barrels, until reaching maturity. During that time, the barrels change in color, texture and character—taking on a life of their own, each becoming uniquely different. As the wine settles, the inside of the barrel is naturally stained a deep, earthy red. The outside of whiskey barrels are marked with age, proudly displaying the time spent at their respective distilleries.

The barrels travel across the country to our workshop, where they are handcrafted into a truly, one of a kind, Heritage Flag. From barrel to banner, each step in our process is taken slowly, with great attention to detail and quality. Staves are cut, stars are carved, and piece by piece, a Heritage Flag begins to take shape.

Many years in the making, each Heritage Flag is ingrained with history—a story we believe will continue to grow as our flags are passed down from generation to generation.