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Grunt Style's Heritage Flag

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All of our Heritage flags have stories behind them. And we are constantly humbled by the remarkable stories that we hear from our customers everyday.

We met this particular soldier (we call her “Rockstar”) after she ordered three of our flags while in recovery at Walter Reed Army Medical Center. She had been there 2 years after almost losing her life in a training accident. After breaking nearly every bone in her body and undergoing countless surgeries to put her back together, she was not only alive, but also determined to walk again. She was going to beat the odds!

After hearing this incredible story we wanted to help her create something special for the people and organizations that helped her find motivation along the way. We wanted to help her say thank you.

One of these organizations was Grunt Style.

She explained that people started giving her Grunt Style T-Shirts while she was in the hospital. While still in her hospital gown, the shirts hanging in her hospital room were a huge source of inspiration. When she was finally able to start physical therapy, she wore one of her Grunt Style shirt to almost every session.

Last month she visited our shop and built a special “Thank You” Heritage Flag for Grunt Style.

We then decided to partner with Grunt Style to make a t-shirt in her honor. But we all felt that the shirt needed to be designed by the Rockstar herself who has fought so hard to get back on her feet!

We are headed to Grunt Styles headquarters in Chicago on September 3rd to get the design process started. Our Rockstar is also going to personally present the one-of-a-kind Heritage Flag to their team to say thank you!

Once the shirt is designed it will be available for sale on The Grunt Style Website. The Heritage Flag Co will be donating 100% of its portion of the proceeds of this t-shirt to the Rockstar that never quit!

We’ve created this video to help us share her story with the world. While the specifics of her story are her own, we hope that other people can relate to how she was able to find the power to keep fighting. We hope this gives inspiration to everyone to never give up, never quit, no matter where they are in their own fight.

Always remember, YOU at any moment, you could be the person to inspire someone to never quit, never give up! That’s an amazing gift that anyone is capable of giving. #followtheflag